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Celebrating 25 Years of ib designs Storefront: Embracing Everlasting Friendship, Love, and Family with Our Infinity Collection

Greetings ib family, Can you believe it?! Our storefront is celebrating a significant milestone – 25 years of spreading love, joy, creativity, and positivity through our handcrafted feel good jewelry. As we reflect on this remarkable journey, we are filled with gratitude for your unwavering support and loyalty over the years.

At the heart of our celebration is our collective journey. A journey filled with memories, friendship, love, and the spirit of family. We have grown with you over these years navigating life’s path, while finding inspiration along the way. Our unique collections highlight our shared journey and epitomize our passion dedicated to wearable art. May you wear well and wear as your feel good armour through the day.

Celebrating the Infinity Collection

As we reflect on this incredible journey, we can’t help but highlight our Infinity Collection, a symbol of eternal connections and enduring bonds that have defined our brand over these 25 years.

Our Infinity Collection is a testament to the everlasting friendship, love, and family that have been at the core of ib designs since its inception. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted with care and intention, embodying the essence of timeless relationships and cherished moments that we hold dear.

As we honor this special occasion, we invite you to explore our Infinity Collection and discover the beauty and significance of each piece. Whether you are looking to commemorate a special relationship, celebrate a milestone, or simply express your love and gratitude, our Infinity Collection offers a meaningful way to do so.

Celebrating Kris and Kim's Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Kris and Kim! Kris and Kim will both start another journey around the sun on April 27th. They are grateful to be able to bring you warmth, creativity, passion, and dedication in everything they do. In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation, we invite you to look out towards the end of the month for a special treat as a token of our thanks for your continued support.

Honoring Kris's Journey to Wellness

In addition to celebrating birthdays, we want to shine a light on Kris's inspiring journey towards health and wellness. She began teaching yoga at Island Movement last year. Each Monday you can flow with the good vibes of ib at 8:30 am. Kris also went this winter, on a restorative yoga retreat in Mexico. She chose to begin this year focusing on her inner strength and wellness. This allowed her the grace and foundation to carry this positivity through out the year. Through her dedication to self-care and personal growth, Kris has embarked on a transformative path of healing and renewal. Her commitment to her well-being not only enriches her life but also empowers her to spread positivity and wellness to everyone around her. We believe in the power of wellness and self-care as essential elements of a fulfilling life. We are proud to support Kris on her journey and encourage all of you to prioritize your well-being and embrace practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

A Special Thank You

Join us in honoring 25 years of ib’s storefront and the memories we have created together. Let us continue to embrace the values of friendship, love, and family that have guided us on this incredible journey and look forward to many more years of shared experiences and cherished moments.

As we look back on 25 years in business, we are filled with excitement for the future and the creative possibilities that lie ahead. We are committed to continue making jewelry that make you shine inside and out. Thank you for being a part of our ib community and for helping us make the world a brighter, more beautiful place, one bracelet at a time.

Your support has been the driving force behind our success. We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone and look forward to many more years of creativity, inspiration, and joy together. Here's to 25 more years of spreading peace, love, and everlasting friendship!
We would love to see you in your ib jewels and how you have celebrated over the years with ib love. Please email us or tag us on our social feeds :)

With heartfelt gratitude,

Kris, Whealan, Kim and ib family

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