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ib designs is a Caribbean jewelry company based in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands with a storefront on historic Company Street, Christiansted and a workshop also located in Christiansted. ib designs creates feel good jewelry inspired by nature, cultures, and the desire to bring joy and celebrate life and all its chapters. The jewelry is carefully crafted using recycled and responsibly sourced metals.

Whealan Massicott, the founder of ib designs and native to the Commonwealth of Dominica, showcases his love for nature through the natural and environmental elements present in his designs. At home on St. Croix, his richness of imagination, creativity, and material invention allow him to create and express the diversity of the Caribbean islands’ history, culture, and spirit of its people through jewelry design. Kris Massicott, partner in all ways, feeds the creativity and showcases ib designs jewelry as the perfect St. Croix memento available for purchase while visiting the island or on their website from anywhere in the world. Whealan and Kris embarked on the ib designs journey in 1996. Fueled by the desire to work for themselves and build on a dream, they took their jewels to different St. Croix vending locations such as Harbor Nights and also art shows on the east coast of the US. In 1999, they took a leap of faith and opened their doors on Company Street. 

There have been many changes over the 20 years in business culture and growth is part of their joy in owning their own business. Whealan’s sons Abbie and Kenan work alongside  and his creative team continue to deliver  beauty and craftsmanship while Kris and her team embrace the customer and business culture. 

Today, ib designs remains in their original retail space, still loving what they do. The #ibfamily team has grown to more than 12 strong, creating and crafting #feelgood jewelry for sale in Christiansted and at a handful of select wholesale retailers, who honor and respect the ib designs brand.