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Om: What it means? How to use it? How to wear it?

When you walk by a yoga class you frequently hear the AAUUMM (Om) chant. For centuries, Om has been used in yoga and meditation as a part of Hindu and Buddhist teachings. In more recent history, we see the Om symbol popular in the media, on t-shirts, jewelry or various swagger. Some buy the swag or Om jewelry because it's trendy. To others, Om represents a peaceful mindset or deeper connection to the spiritual. Have you found yourself curious to learn more about the Om symbol and its meaning? How do we use Om in our lives and how do we wear it?

Sterling Silver Om Pendant

What Does Om Mean?

Om (AUM) a Vedic Sanskirt word important in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. The powerful mantra is a symbol, spoken word, and sound AUM. It is utilized in meditation to balance the mind and center the soul. According to Syama Allard's blog "5 Things to Know about Om" on hinduamerican.org. Within Hinduism the Om (AUM) meaning can be broken down into several scared trinities'.

"The different conditions of consciousness — the waking state, the dreaming state, and the deep sleep state.

The deities in charge of the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe — Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The three original Vedic scriptures —  Rg, Yajur, and Sāma.

The three worlds — earth, atmosphere, and ether.

The three aspects of time — past, present, and future.

In the Bhakti tradition (yoga of devotion) — Krishna (seen by his devotees as the God of Creation), Rādhārāni (Krishna’s eternal consort, or God’s female counterpart), and the ordinary living beings. "

Om is a doorway when physically practiced, for peace, tranquility and a vibration of the universe and creation.

If we look at the Om ring, the visual depiction of the Om symbol has significance in understanding the Om meaning. In Allard's blog as referenced above, the visual symbol curves, crescent and dot of the Om symbol can represent one's existence. The large lower curve symbolizes the normal waking state. The physical body in an awake state perceives the world around them through their senses of taste, smell, sight, etc.


The upper curve embodies the unconscious state or a deep sleep. The middle curves symbiology is somewhere between awake and deep sleep. It illustrates a dreaming state where your subconscious reflects your stress, desires, hopes and fears. The crescent before the dot of enlightenment represents the illusion that ties the individual soul to the material world.

The dot at the top of the Om ring is the symbol of true enlightenment, expressing an individual's soul in harmony with physical self and spiritual energy. The individual has blurred the illusion that ties us to the material world and understands that spiritual energy exists in all of creation and unites us through our humanity. By chanting Om one can overcome the three curves of the consciousness, burst the material illusion and achieve enlightenment.

How to use Om?

The act of saying AUM is just as important as the art of the symbol. Yogis chant Om (AUM) concluding their meditation much like Christians chant "Amen" at the end of their services to summon the Divine and bring one closer to enlightenment. The sound AUM is made of vibrations that when said, physically effect your body. After taking a deep breath, chant AUM. The "A" syllable when spoken, begins near the diaphragm. The "U" transitions through the body to the throat and heart. The grand finale, "M" dissolves in the head or your crown. By repeating this mantra, you are creating a vibration through your body, quieting your mind, balancing your soul and connecting you deeper to the spiritual; thus, transforming you towards a truer and pure version of the self.

How to wear Om?

In our Om Collection, we offer and Om Pendant, Om Hook Bracelet, Om Ring or Om Earring. We hope that by wearing the Om symbol you resonate with a greater love and compassion. Wear Om knowing where you have come from, understand where you are currently, and reflect on how these experiences will guide your future. Combined with life's wisdom, Om can transform the body, soul, speech and mind to realize your true and pure self. May your experiences in life reflect love, peace and compassion for you and those around you. Shop our Om Collection here! ib designs feel good jewelry :)


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