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Infinity Bracelet

*7mm and 10mm bracelet sizes start at 6.5 and above.

First crafted in 1997, Whealan's Infinity Bracelet is a classic, timeless design that is a reminder of and a salute to the precious ties that link us together. Our signature bracelet is a great celebration of everlasting memories, love, or friendship.

This unique design is individually handcrafted by local artisan Whealan Massicott of ib designs. Beautifully crafted, the Infinity design reflects the endlessly great feeling invoked by the Caribbean blue sea and the local color of its people. Wear as a symbol of everlasting friendship, love or memories. Read more here on our Feel Good Blog.

Available in sterling silver, sterling silver and 14kt gold, or 14kt gold. Bracelet band thickness available in 5mm, 7mm or 10mm.

If you need a smaller or larger than size than listed - please contact us. We are happy to make one to fit perfectly.